What if…

Usually I don’t like this game – it’s all so, hypothetical. But recently when I was at the Anusara-Inspired Gathering at Squaw Valley I heard something that could potentially shift my whole world. Here is a question, one of many that is situated at the heart of yoga philosophy (courtesy of the wonderful Christopher Hareesh Wallis who incidentally is the brother of an old and much loved friend of mine).

What if you didn’t have to “fix” everything? Anything? Yourself or others included. What if there was nothing inside you that needed to be corrected in order to – you fill in the blank-?  The teachings of Anusara yoga come from a Tantric lineage that have been totally rocking my world since I caught wind of them. Here’s the exciting part to me thus far: You don’t have anything that is inherently wrong with you. There is no deep seated belief that you are made of anything except love. All you have to do is be willing to uncover it, a little at a time.

Wanna try? Just for an experiment?