Day 28

This morning I went to a class taught by an old teacher and friend, Troy. The classes are in an old building on Capitol Hill where it always smells like delicious food. The Hall was packed with dedicated yogis, so much so that instead of finding a spot in either of the two facing rows, […]


Day 27 bossed around by experts

I *love* to be a student, especially when under the care of an experienced teacher. It allows me to rest in my practice while being held in the arms of the greater community. It is deeply nourishing and makes it easier for me to face the challenges when they arise. Thanks Bianca. Xo Me and […]


Day 22

As with many things, there comes a point where the challenge of the “challenge” feels immense. It could be the traveling or the constancy of family, but doing even one little bit of yoga every day is pushing me to my limits. I recognize this pattern of not-enough-time to do things for myself and I’m […]