I'm an Aquarian mama, yoga teacher, occasional performer, popcorn and nature lover residing in Olympia, WA.

"practice. and all is coming"

Words by the great yogi Patthabi Jois.  This post is for my teachers. I wrote it about a month ago, poolside, early morning from the hotel in Cincinnati where I was currently training with Sianna Sherman. Now, one month later, I’m at another Teacher Training, in Tucson. More to come on that. After class yesterday a […]


Joan Jett and courage

“Do you have advice for women today who want to rock? Yeah: have no fear. Fear is the single most destructive emotion we have. Fear holds you back. Fear will stop you dead in your tracks. Have no fear, and go for it no matter what. Don’t let anyone stop you from your dream. Bottom […]


Peace and pride

Last weekend was the grand opening of the new Seattle Yoga Arts space and the Seattle Pride parade. I taught more classes than I have in a while. As you know, I’ve been investigating the theme of peace and how to increase it in the world via yoga.  What I’ve discovered this month is that creating […]


Community of the Heart

Less than a year ago, I lost a very special relative to cancer. In the last 5 years we developed a “father-daughter” relationship of sorts and I began to experience how special that can be for the first time. In the beginning, it was rough. He was an extreme type-A personality, hardcore businessman, athlete and […]


Peace is the Ay

As I was on the way to my class yesterday I was listening to the radio and hearing about the origins of Memorial Day, and what it means to remember those who have fallen in combat. I had been teaching all weekend on the theme remembrance and all of a sudden it seemed like a […]


Unlock Your Potential

This month I’ve been teaching classes that explore the theme of peace. Using the physical practice of yoga to enforce a harmonious relationship with yourself – to practice in a way that nourishes and sustains you. To enter into a relationship with something greater than your busy self (that’s what that microsoft ad campaign is […]