forest bathers

Intrepid voyagers of the pnw winter habitually clad in brights to disavow the imposing sky of grey. Yet today proved unusually clear to indicate a spectacular adventure ahead.







One of my favorite ideas of late was introduced to me through my studies with Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement. It’s what she calls Vitamin Community and it’s about how our connection to our community can meet many of our needs, movement and otherwise. This is not a new concept for me, but it’s a new way of thinking about how I show up for my community. The smaller circle of moms and kids and the greater reach of movers, makers and finders in the area and beyond.

The other night I had a dream and although the details have slipped away, the message was about me really owning my place, and taking action for what I believe in in my community.

A lot of great things happened today. One of which was that I gathered some awesome people, very last minute as is my style, for a jaunt through some nearby woods. It turned out spectacularly, with kids racing at all speeds, climbing, howling, real talk with other moms, and an impromptu dip in the small (slightly smelly) creek.

Then, I picked up my mom for an unexpected visit and we all ate together. I went to the store to gather a few needed things and ran into a new friend, a kindred spirit of the highest order, who reminded me, again, what is most important.

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