light and darkness

Let not this change create a lasting despair within you. Let it move you to act. Let it enable you to reach out where you haven’t before and make connections, feel support and remember that community movement creates change. Invite movement in.

I woke up with a heavy heart and moved through the morning alternately connecting with friends afar and checking in on my people close by. As I stepped outside of my house, we were clad in full rain gear and the sun shone through the falling rain. Dark and light.

Today more than ever, I feel inspired to move. I feel inspired to teach my children, to be kind to all of those around me, to look with an open and clear heart at what we’ve done, and NOT accept it as a death sentence. I feel inspired to create a sanctuary within my home – not just my physical home, but the home of my body that I carry with me, my presence – and invite people in. To acceptance and warmth and the reality of unity and wholeness.

This is how I cope on the micro level. One of my strengths is optimism and hope in crisis time. But I have to be careful to not gloss it over, that I let myself fully feel the despair, experience the grief and live in the total falling apart first.

Then, we take action. We move. We move together. We talk, we cry, we listen. And all of those things create a new voice of dissent, a fire for change and the means to act.

Grieve if you need to for the change that approaches. Stand tall in your grief. Let that grief move you. Stand up today and tomorrow begin working for the change you want to see. We CAN work together. We can keep working with our whole hearts in the best way we know how. We cannot change what happened, but we can decide how to go on. And in that choice, in that movement, there is hope.


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