Staying course

One of the things that I am coming to terms with right now, or maybe finally accepting, is that who I am as a mother is not incidental to my real life, (the one where I sew all day and there is not piles of laundry building up) but my present life. The resistance of the irrefutable present is far from how I want to spend my time. So on my birthday, I turned my attention to how I can re-inspire myself with movement. Ideas: go outside everyday, maybe twice! with the kids. Don’t limit myself to only yoga moves. Dance, shake, jump and stretch my limbs in service of life needs. Breathe deeply and regularly.

My idea was to collect these awesome examples about different ways to move that make us feel alive. Or some sh*t like that. And seriously, I love that idea. It is just WAY different from my how my life works right now. I made it through a few days of trying and then fell off the wagon. (this has totally happened before!) Usually, I just let my idea slip away and pretend that I didn’t tell a whole group of my students that I was gonna do something on my blog, and that they should read about it(arghhh). But not this time. I’m gonna stick with it for these 38 days, and then I’m gonna do it again. Something that is. Because movement is what our bodies were made to do! It feels so good. If you move your body and breathe, it might remind you of yourself. It might also remind you of places where you are in pain or just feel awkward from being out of the habit of consciously moving this amazing organism.

Here’s some pictures of what I’ve done the past couple of days. Onward!!

8/38 legs up the wall
9/38 walks


  1. Rebecca L Daughtry

    Loving the intimate glimpse into your process. Thank you for your courage and vulnerability. It is inspiring. Love and hugs- Becky >

  2. Neva Knott

    Whitney! we are so the same in the big ideas that slip away. Thanks for sharing such honest moments.I have just recently given up on the scheduling of these big ideas. Now I take the concept and set it into my day. I also think about how to incorporate more authentic movement into my life–even making my own food vs. getting take-out in a hurry. Miss you :).

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